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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Monday, February 2nd, 1970
8:33p - Where can I see the concert???
I totally forgot about the concert today. I'm kicking myself now! Arrgh! I would have been trying to see it from either a Mac or a Linux machine, so maybe I would have just had problems anyway, from the way it sounds.

Anyway, can I see it anywhere online? Please help me out here!

Also, are they on Letterman tonight? I'm planning to go out, so looks like I'll miss that, too. Also, there's the small matter of having no TV. But maybe I could get someone to tape it.

EDIT: I found the MP3 with most of the concert (cuts in part way through WWS), but I'd still like to SEE it, so let me know if it goes up on YouTube or something. Thanks.

(10 speeches :: speark in class today)

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