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Saturday, April 19th, 2003
12:09p - Love Boat Captian Relates to Sex.. A Review of LBC
The song Love Boat Captian reminds me of the whole pattern of sex actually. Maybe it's like this with every song, but it starts off really slow with only Eddie's vocals and then the instruments kick in and then there is rising action and then there is a climax.


And the young they can lose hope cause they can't see beyond today.
The wisdom that the old can't give away.
Hey, constant recoil. Sometimes life don't leave you alone.

Then it cools off and the instruments stop and then it's just Eddie's voice like in the begining.
I know other songs do this too, but this one really builds up the action and it's really has an overpowering emotion that just takes over your whole body, probably to demonstrate the overpowering foreces of love itself. It is a really great song. The forces of music, lyrics, and vocals really make this such an overpowering song and one of my favorites. Man am I glad they played it last friday :-)

Earthquakes making waves......Once you hold the hand of love it's all surmountable.

This is an example of how the lyrics demonstrate this,

"casue to the Universe I don't mean a thing".

I like how he adds this. It shows that yes, he realizes that he doesn't mean much in the universe, but there isn't really much he can do about it. The only thing he can really do is not fight of this next "phase" of of love.

Lost nine friends we'll never know. Two years ago today.

WOW! I never really noticed it until actually taking apart the lyrics, but this rerences to the Denmark concert on the Binuarl tour when 9 people died, right? WOW! My god, that was such an epiphany!

All in all, I really LOVE this song. I never really noticed how much until just now. The lyrics are really good.

What does everyone else think??

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