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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
8:13p - some people don't deserve to breathe.
okay... so i'm just minding my own buisness.... looking through some grunge community (highly devoted, of course.... to kurt, and hardly ever mentioning pearl jam...) and i come across this girl who just astounded me with her supreme lack of taste, among other things....

she wrote this:
"*Sell out--with me oh yeah, sell out--with me tonight*

today is the anniversary of the day layne staley's body was found. (i may be a day off..) *moment of silence for layne*

I'd like to give a bit of a write up on a pearl jam show i went to on saturday night.
they totally sold out, nothing but new stuff, like 4 old songs over a 2+ hour period. it as ridiculous. Old people were scattered everywhere, they totally catered to the old audience, i could have went to sleep with all their 'quiet' stuff, like yellow ledbetter and elderly woman... i wanted to go down there and show them how to rock, but you just can't do something like that at a concert too easily. oh well, i finally fulfilled my childhood dream to see pearl jam, so i'm happy for that, but pissed that they sold out. these things happen i suppose."


To which i promptly responded:

Pearl Jam has NEVER (let me repeat that) NEVER "sold out." They have never changed their music to please mainstream radio friendly audiences ((such as yourself))....if anything, they've shied away from the spotlight the past few years in effort to do just the opposite. They very well could be plastering themselves all over MTV right now in effort to jog up some publicity ... but they are secure enough with their music and their fanbase that they don't feel the need to. Sure, their music has changed over the years... it's called evolving as musicians. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. As for your comment about them "catering to the older audience" playing Yellow Ledbetter and such... you're also mistaken. If anything, they were catering to their REAL FANS who REALLY APPRECIATE their music. Maybe that's where you got lost. Those are some of their most beautiful, meaningful songs... and for you to say it put you to sleep obviously shows a divine lack of taste.

If you think they didn't "rock" then you need to check your definition.

...not the most articulate comeback i've ever written, but then again look who i was responding to. i think i got my point across, don't you?

you all should go to the grunge_rock community and post as well. A full force Pearl Jammers beat down is in order.

(8 speeches :: speark in class today)

8:21p - pearl jam go green: band buys 5,700 tons of carbon from rainforest project
from a rolling stone article.

Pearl Jam plan to offset the estimated 5,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the trucks, buses, airplanes and their fans' 1 million cars on their current world tour by purchasing 5,700 tons of carbon produced by the Makira Rainforest Conservation project in Madagascar.

"We're excited about the work that we've been doing with Conservation International," reads a band Web post. The environmental organization helped the band -- currently supporting Riot Act, released last fall -- estimate the direct emissions of its tour's 30,000 mile route. Pearl Jam then purchased the carbon to conserve it, offsetting the warming potential of the emissions.

The Makira rainforest conservation project is housed on a 1400 square mile area that stores 140 million tons of CO2 at risk of being lost to the atmosphere through fire and logging and is home to thousands of rare and endangered plant and animal species.

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