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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
3:59p - St. Paul last night
First of all, last night was my first Pearl Jam show. I had an amazing time. Everything was perfect. I was in Row 26 Seat 3 and had the best time ever. But this was something that really stuck out for me. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.


"Just thought somebody might want to know the whole story on that LUKIN from the St Paul show.

The guy who ended up singing was Mike Benton from the Chicago area. Ed thought he was from Fargo cuz he was wearing a fargo wrestling shirt he's bought the day before in a thrift store...

Anyway here's the whole story.

It was Mike's first time every being front row and he was amids a bunch of close friends - all in the front row. Thank you ten club.

Anyway Lukin is Mike's absolutely favorite song. We'd yelled for it in Chicago 2000, for Benton, and they played it so we thought we'd ask again. It's only 58 seconds long after all.

So at a few quiet moments between songs my friends and I all yelled for lukin. After several attempts ed kinda just shook his head and said no, then pointed to his throat. Half-joking mike said that he'd sing it. Ed said he had a song planned and would think about it.

So sure enough - a little talk back and forth after betterman and Ed invited Benton up on stage.

He bowed ("we're not worthy") style to all the members of then band.

Then Ed introduced him and he rocked it nice and proper.

More than anything I just want people to know how much this meant to Mike and how much it meant to me, watching my good friend absolutely live out a fantasy in front of 15,000 strong.

I'd like to thank the band for trying new things all tour long, I'd like to thank ten club for dropping some wonderful tickets on my group of friends... and I'd like to thank pj's guest lead singer for Lukin for putting the biggest smile on my face I've ever had at a pearl jam show."


Just one more reason I love this band. If you want to read my really long, boring, and rambling concert story, feel free to look in my journal.

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