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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
I just joined and I wanted to say hello. Also, I went to the San Diego show a few weeks back, my second Pearl Jam show. I first went on July 13th, 1998. I've been a Pearl Jam fan since I was seven (1992) and I love everything they've ever done. Anyway, I just want to ask the people who went to the other shows if Eddie did what he did with a mirror during "1/2 Full" for you because that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. If you're confused, during the outro for that song all the lights went off except a beam from the front of the stage pointed diagonally towards Eddie. He had a mirror in the seat of his pants for the whole song and took it out and reflected the light all over the arena. It really gave me so much more appreciation for that song.

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5:42p - Young girl, violins
Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and need friends. I've loved Pearl Jam since I was a wee one. And that's my story.

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6:04p - Yeah!!
I didn't think we were going to make it this tour, but I just got 2 tickets to the show in Bristow, Virginia! They're lawn, not quite as impressive as the tickets we had for a couple of the shows last time around, but still, very nice.The last show we were at was in Seattle, 2000, and it was our honeymoon. This time we're going to be on the lawn because we're taking our daughter to her first concert, post-womb. =) Hooray for the baby jammers!

Now I need to get some transfer paper and make her a little PJ onesie.

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So, I saw them on Sunday at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Nobelsville, IN. By far one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life so far. (Read my incoherent, euphoric post-show journal entry.) Eddie's voice sounded beautiful, Stone's solos were amazing, the emotional and musical connection between band members was significant, the connection between performer and audience was untouchable. Click below for a set list and some of the more notable moments.

don't it make you smile?Collapse )

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