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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Saturday, July 5th, 2003
12:06p - woooo hooooo
this is the longest, most anticipated, best day of my life. my first pearl jam show. 7:30, philadelphia, tweeter center. you dont understand how extremely, unhumanly happy i am right now. things couldnt be better.

current mood: ecstatic

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1:29p - Philly here i come!
Walking out the door to catch the train to Philly...3 shows in 5 days, woo woo!!!

current mood: excited

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10:56p - typical "hi im new" post
jus joined... name is danielle from haverhill, ma
i went to both Boston shows so far and hopefully going to the 3rd
my friend had 3rd row center tickets for the first and second and we got wrist bands on the second... i was lucky enough to get a rose handed to me by eddie vedder that jus made my week :)
my rose :)Collapse )

any other go to boston?

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