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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
5:10a - Cough Cough
Ok, I was accepting the fact I was gonna miss Pearl Jam's 3rd show, I was gonna miss Black, Given To Fly, Can't Keep, Nothing As It Seems....but now I hear they are playing an hour long set before the opening act comes on to keep their promise of playing 105 songs in Boston. You think I'm gonna miss that for work? I'm starting to feel alittle under the weather already. :)

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others have repeatedly corrected many people in this community on this issue and they've been very nice about it, but i think it's time someone post an entry for all to see. i'll appologize in advance in case i come off like a pretentious jerk. i'd correct you and then give you a hug if i could...but since i can't give that hug, i'll just correct you...all of you. for anyone who thinks there is a song by the who named 'teenage wasteland,' there is no such song. the name of it is 'baba o'riley.' as a fan of the who, this mistake really hits a nerve...as a pearl jam fan, i think it should be your willing duty to learn the true name of one the most common songs they cover. commit it to your memory banks, the name of the song is 'baba o'riley.' please show both bands the respect they deserve by using the proper name...and please take the time in the future to learn about other covers. should our paths ever cross, i'll give you that hug to make up for my authoritarian attitude...but i'll expect a hug in return for encouraging you to learn more about the who.

"help the poor when they are sick, and not suck some corporation's dick." - - eddie vedder 7-5-03

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11:24a - MSG #1
set: Love Boat Captain, Last Exit, Save You, Green Disease, In My Tree, Cropduster, Even Flow, Gimme Some Truth, I Am Mine, Low Light, Faithfull, Wishlist/(Why Can't I Touch It?), Lukin, Grievance, 1/2 Full, Black, Spin The Black Circle, Rearviewmirror

enc 1: You Are, Thumbing My Way, Daughter/(With My Own Two Hands w/ Ben Harper), Crown Of Thorns, Breath, Better Man, Do The Evolution

enc 2: Crazy Mary, Indifference (w/ Ben Harper), Sonic Reducer, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

Possibly the best Pearl Jam show I've ever seenCollapse )

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Hello...I am new...and was raised on Pearl Jam...the end...

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