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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
7:50a - Walk Hard
I was looking forward to this movie so much and it turned out bad. Don't you hate when that happends? The best part of this film was Eddie Vedder's 2 minute guest appearance. I would buy the DVD just for that and nothing else.

current mood: sad

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1:57p - Deep Contest Poster
I am so jazzed about the whole idea of just doing a poster for a band that is famous for truly great show posters, to get my work in front of people who've been picking great art for years, well... I don't give a damn if I win. The prize is really nothing special. I just wanted to create something. So I did. And here it is:

After I read Angels & Demons, I got really excited about the idea of ambigrams, which were really the only thing that made the book worth reading. I got in touch with the artist who did them and bugged him with a bunch of questions. Really great guy, wrote me back and offered me a bunch of advice.

Turned out that the name "Pearl Jam" was dead easy to do as an ambigram. I sketched it up and kind of forgot about it until the poster contest came up. A lot of the great posters the band has had before have been based on interesting type treatments of the band name, so why not?

This show is on my girlfriend's birthday. I'd have picked my own, but Vedder's is the same day. If I don't want to work that day, I'm sure not going to make him do it. The little green things are based off of avocado blossoms.

Did anyone else do one?

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Not sure if this has been posted but you can see a quick video of Eddie talking with Olivia here.

I think it's pretty amusing :).

(3 speeches :: speark in class today)

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