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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
9:47p - New Pearl Jam Forums
I go to about 4 different Pearl Jam forums a day to check up on things, and I know this isn't going to stop other people from going to the other forums, and it might just even be "just another forum" to you guys, but I wanted to make one forum that combined the best parts of each of the forums I frequently visit.

No bots (pjcollectors.com), no banners/ads, no spam emails (pearljamamerica)

My forums are


(right now, that site isn't having any ads or banners or anything, but if it does then I won't use the .tk redirection thing anymore. http://lukinreprise.proboards47.com is the real link, guaranteed no banners)

Not saying this is better than all the other forums, because right now I'm the only member :( but if you could please sign up, and maybe get a friend or two there as well, I'm sure we can grow into a nice community :]

(2 speeches :: speark in class today)

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