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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
5:18a - If you need it...
Pearl Jam perform a brand new song on the Tonight Show!

Also confirmed last night is the title of the new album, Backspacer. The album art shown, however, is just concept art, and may or may not be final. The album is tenatively scheduled for a September 22nd 2009 release date.

There's no confirmed name for the song, but I'd assume it's called Got Some or some variation on that. Video included in the link, hopefully it's still up later today.

There ARE some mistaken people out there calling this one "The Fixer", but that's just the title of a song PJ played for a Target commercial that may or may not be a Target exclusive when the album is released.

PJ manager Kelly Curtis has confirmed that the band will be self-releasing Backspacer, and will focus on releasing the album with Target, "an online retailer, a mobile partner, a gaming company and with a network or pissibly networks of indie retail stores."
The first single is expected to be released next month (July. Yes, it's June already.)

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9:44a - UPDATED: Closed Captioning apparently had the lyrics beforehand
This post is to share what you heard Ed sing last night on the Tonight Show. See my previous post to see a video of the performance. LJ-cut to not pollute what you hear with what CC showed. Please post what your interpretation of his mumbling is in the comments!

What closed captioning showedCollapse )

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3:34p - Got Some
I ripped an mp3 of a video from youtube of the Conan performance last night. Thought I should post it here in case people don't have it. Pass it along to anyone who wants it.


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