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Pearl Jammers' Journal

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
11:13a - 2 VIP Tix & Green Room Passes to SOLD OUT Pearl Jam Concert
 2 VIP Tix & Green Room Passes to SOLD OUT Pearl Jam Concerts


So you know how the Pearl Jam Concerts have been sold out...well I just found out that Charity Folks is auctioning off tickets online for CA and IL and these seats are in the press allotment! But with these tickets comes Green Room Passes for refreshments and to see some stars pass you by! 

It will also benefit the Alzheimer's Association!


Check it out at:


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Supersonic, a new song from Backspacer, was played last night in London, and there's a video posted of it on Youtube, which you'll find Behind the cutCollapse )

The audio quality's not very good, but damn, that is one DISGUSTINGLY sick bridge. Can't wait for the studio version!

(1 speech :: speark in class today)

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