mathilda rose (onlyrapeiknow) wrote in pearljammers,
mathilda rose

st louis

im not great at writing any kind of review so bare with me.
the show was AMAZING (of course) im not gonna just repeat the setlist for you because thatd be pointless. the BEST songs played we're probably evolution, alive and better man (because he let us sing the whole 1st verse for b.m. :-) ed was all over the place... doing tons of pete townsend moves (the windmill -the air splits) he really seemed SO happy to be there. he talked about the blues game going on and everyone booed. hehe. for soon forget eddie played a ukulele (an electic one at that) and when it was over he jammed on it with matt on drums. during the daughter jam eddie took out a mirror and used the light above him to spotlight EVERYONE.. (and if someone was sitting alone he stayed on them lol) this concert was DEFINATLY the best i'd ever seen them (this being the 3rd time. once in 98 and once in 2000) they were SO into it. mike was making that guitar scream :-) they gave us everything we expected and more! the only downsides to the show were they didn't play hide your love away OR yellow ledbetter. 2 songs i wanted to see REALLY badly. ok. thats it!!

Set List: Present Tense, Save You, Animal, Green Disease, Grievance, Faithfull, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Sleight of Hand, You Are, Small Town, Not For You, Love Boat Captain, Wishlist, help help, Evolution, Alive;
1st encore: Go, State of Love and Trust, Black, Improv, Rearviewmirror;
2nd encore: Soon Forget, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Daughter/(jam), Indifference
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