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10 Redux

So did anyone else order their copy of the remixed 10 and get it yet? I ordered the collector's edition box set and just got it today. Got the text at work and had to try and contain myself for the next 5 hours til I could come home and check it out.

All in all I'm more then pleased with both the set in it's entirety, as well as the redux version. I've listened to about half the main album (on Black atm) and I'm very happy with how it's been done. Only subtle changes but just enough to bring a whole new feel to the album. It's not quite as raw as the original, which is both good and bad, but I'm leaning more toward the better so far. Just the few small things, adding a bit of reverb here, doubling up the vocals here...it just adds an entire new level I think.

So has anyone else had the chance to check it out yet? I'd love to hear what you all have to say.

**Edit** and the remixed lead riff at the end of Porch (starting around 2:45 or so) is just plain amazing. I really do like this version of the album a whole lot.
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