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For those of you who didn't see the last post in the comm, BACKSPACER is available for pre-order through the Goods section on, as announced HERE. Also available are the BACKSPACER vinyl LP and the white vinyl "The Fixer" 7" single. Free shipping if you buy before 9/1/09!

Album drops on 9/20, single hits the airwaves soon, digital download of The Fixer/Supersonic available 7/20 (that's NEXT MONDAY, folks), and here's the... Official BACKSPACER track listing from!

1. Gonna See My Friend
2. Got Some
3. The Fixer
4. Johnny Guitar
5. Just Breathe
6. Amongst The Waves
7. Unthought Known
8. Supersonic
9. Speed Of Sound
10. Force Of Nature
11. The End
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Deleted comment

What are you talking about? News broke on this comm a while ago!
The free shipping is for the cd only. If you order the vinyl or the 7 inch you'll have to pay shipping on those. I'm pretty annoyed that I had to make three orders--one for each item, since they require preorders to be ordered separately.
Im also annoyed that once again Canadian fans get left in the dark in the free shipping offer AND have to pay 15 bucks to ship EACH item...