bionicshithouse (bionicshithouse) wrote in pearljammers,

The Fixer related

There's a short thing about The Fixer on the niki phaser site. Has anyone seen a movie called Singles with the guys in it?

(The Fixer Story)
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I love the new song and I'm looking forward to Backspacer!
Man I'm getting old if people into the band are young enough not to remember Singles, haha.

Great movie, rent it!
That's what I was thinking... although to be fair, the soundtrack was far more popular than the movie, ha ha.
Seriously! Hahaha!
That's one of my favorite movies...
when I first moved
out here from Tucson...

...I wanted a guy with...

...Iooks, security, caring.

Someone with their own place.

Someone who said "bless you"
or "gesundheit" when I sneezed.

Someone who liked the same
things as me, but not exactly.

And someone who loves me.

-Tall order.
-Yeah, I scaled it down a little.

What is it now?

Someone who says "gesundheit, "
although I prefer "bless you."

Good movie. Shit cast.
I love Singles! It also has appearances from Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, oh and Chris Cornell makes an acting debut too.
Go rent it now!!