BA (bigangry) wrote in pearljammers,

Pearl Jam Backspacer preview movie!

Danny Clinch put together a preview short film for Backspacer and it's up on Myspace video, either Here or embedded below the

Pearl Jam - Backspacer Short

Little tidbits from the video include 3 song previews (Got Some, Just Breathe and The Fixer), the fact it's their shortest record to date, and video of Ed taking a whizz.
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can't watch it in Canada :/
neither in austria... meeh :(
yeah =(( can someone please upload it to youtube? or something? if possible?
Awesome video, thanks for posting! I really like the songs. PJ has done it again! least...SOMEONE got to enjoy the video....
From the fine people over at the message pit, for our European/Canadian friends: