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Pick up your digital or physical copy, at the iTunes store (with iTunes LP built in if you use iTunes 9, including the 9 minute short film about the album and the video for The Fixer), and Target stores (with a free concert download with a code inside), and of course Indie stores and the TEN club website.

Let us know what you think of the album! Comment on this entry or post your own!
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I think the middle and end of the album are some of the best of Pearl Jam. The beginning starts out hard, just like Yield, Binaural and the avocado album, and it doesn't let up until Just Breathe. There are some filler songs, in my opinion... Johnny Guitar and Supersonic just sound thrown in to get the album over 30 minutes (it clocks in at 37 minutes), but the other songs more than make up for those two.

Just Breathe feels like it could have been on the Into the Wild soundtrack, but it uses the full band, especially Jeff and Boom (who is very prevalent on the album, using a piano more than the B3). Just Breathe is quite possibly the most beautiful song I've ever heard from Pearl Jam. It won out over two OTHER songs from this album, Unthought Known and The End, both of which are simple but deep and warm, both in feeling and from the strings backing the band. Speed of Sound was taken in a different direction than I thought it would be with the full band, as compared to the Ed solo demo released earlier, but it's pleasantly surprising, and I warmed up to it quickly.

Force of Nature is one of my favorites on the album; I think it's the spiritual and lyrical successor to Tremor Christ. Amongst the Waves sounds downright anthemic after a few listens (and I think the album requires at least 3 listens, especially with headphones at least once, to get the full Pearl Jam effect).

The End is a perfect way to close the album, warm but sad and uneasy. Many of the songs on the album end in a minor chord, giving a tinge of sadness, but overall it's a happier, freer album now that former Pres. Bush is out of office and a weight has been lifted off of Ed's shoulders. There's very little in the way of politics on this album, save for Got Some, and it's actually a bit refreshing to not have another Bushleaguer or Worldwide Suicide bringing it down.

I'll be at the Sept. 30th show at the Gibson/Universal Amphitheater, and am excited as hell to see both PJ AND Ben Harper and Relentless7. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures/video for myself and you guys.
Can you get it other places than Target? Amazon was only offering imports.
You can only get it at the places listed above, I believe.
pfffff... old shit. i have it since ... forever... (well, friday actually) ;-)

i kinda like it, but at first listen i have to admit, that it's the weakest Pearl Jam Album to date. they sound kinda... harmless - idk. the melodies and song structures come without the depth i exptected them to have. yeah, i think that's the point. i expected something... else.
i miss the great, timeless melodies and harmonies. somehow it's too shallow - for pearl jam of course! they set the bar for themselves so very high, there HAD to be an album like this sooner or later.

so i'm disappointed, yes. but overall there is no song i totally don't like, they're just not THAT great like they used to be.
I think it's miles above S/T. I'm glad they're trying something new at this point in their career. The arrangements are certainly interesting and the melodies are pretty strong. The lyrics are introspective for the most part and more interesting than the ham-handedness of Avocado. I rate this above several of their albums.

Of course, it's too early to really tell.
A little late chiming in, but I just got it.

Rather than go song by song, I just want to say that this newest album still shows that these guys love writing and playing together, and that's what keeps me listening.