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Hot Damn!

I won a copy of Backspacer on vinyl from heavy.com!
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It's pretty great, actually. Not my favorite overall album of theirs (Yield is a tough act to follow), but there's some new favorite songs. Standouts: "Gonna See My Friend", "The Fixer", "Just Breathe" (which is going to be played at my wedding next month), "Unthought Known", and "Supersonic".

After the last three albums, Backspacer is more stripped-down soundwise... I guess you could say "hey guys, your roots are showing", and it wouldn't be a bad thing. It's a return to the more melodic, purer sound that Ten and Vs. had. More piano than they've used before, but no organ this time around.

All told, I give Backspacer an eight. I'd trade at least one of the slow songs for another fast one, but you can tell that the five of them still love making music together.