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PJ Accoustic in Boston!

Oh wow, I just downloaded the 3rd Boston show from Friday night....if you hadn't heard, PJ opened for themselves, then let Sleater-Kinney "open", then came back on. Combined with their 2 previous Boston shows, they intended to play every song in their catalogue w/o repeating. In order to accomplish this, they needed to open for themselves.

So their opening pre-set was all accoustic consisting of:

Long Road, Of The Girl, Sometimes, Off He Goes, All Those Yesterdays, Drifting, Thin Air, Sleight Of Hand, Footsteps, All Or None, Parting Ways, Indifference

Someone will have to confirm, but I think the entire crowd was sitting for the pre-set accoustic performance. At the end of Long Road, he asks everyone to sit down and conserve their energy...noting it had been a long time since they performed for a sitting audience (MTV Unplugged being the last time maybe?).

Anyways, just started listening to it, and wanted to share. It sounds fantastic so far!
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