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Pearl Jammers (click to join) is an open community and a meeting ground for Pearl Jam fans, which means that you are welcome to join without prior authorization of the maintainer or moderators. Nevertheless and in order to avoid abusive usage of this community, a few simple guidelines have been established:

1. Be kind to each other. Respect each other and this community, which has been created to serve you and all the other members while Pearl Jam fans (or simply good music lovers).

2. Please, no insults. If you have a disagreement with some, just be polite or take it somewhere else.

3. The main topic is Pearl Jam's music and every other subjects directly or indirectly related to it. Don't go off topic, there are plenty of chatrooms where you can talk about everything you want around the internet.

4. Trading Pearl Jam recordings or any other non-copyrighted material for the sake of music and the band is okay. Selling or offering to buy bootlegs or any other kind of material is not.

5. No spamming. Also, if you're posting a large entry (long text, images or both) please use lj-cut to avoid upsetting the community's members who watch the community in their friends pages. If you do not know how to use lj-cut, take a look here. If your entry does not respect this, it will edited or, eventually, deleted by the moderators.

If you want to join Pearl Jammers and are willing to follow these simple guidelines, please click here. If you have any further questions regarding to Pearl Jammers, please feel free to send an e-mail to the maintainer and moderators. We hope you have a good time here... afterall, that's the basic purpose of this community.

take care and spread the jam!

note: a lot of users have come to us in search of our "which Pearl Jam song are you?" quiz. If you're after it as well, click here to take it.

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